Innovation – open innovation

Product development / R&D Audit and Diagnostic / Technical problem solving

R&D Project Management

Process optimization / Problem solving / Interim / Coaching & Formation

Helene Thiboutot

Bachelor in Microbiology,  Master in Food Science and Technology, Degree in Management

Tel.: 450-372-0613
Mob.: 450-260-5171

Raynald Nolin

Bachelor in Food Science and Technology  

Tel.: 450-482-3581

 «  Throughout my career, I developed many products and R&D processes for big and small businesses. Due to my creativity and my vanguard attitude, I bring more than innovation to my customers; I participate actively to every project and encourage employees to fully realize their potential, whether individually or collectively. I bring solutions to complex situations and help you get the right means and financing to achieve your projects and launch your new products. »

Helene Thiboutot

Reaching Helene

 « Strong of many years of experience in R&D, process optimization and in technical team leadership within many areas of the food industry (with over 20 years in confectionery), I have built strong professional relationships with key manufacturers and customers of the Agri-Food industry, in both North America and Europe. I have acquired knowledge and experience needed to actively fulfill the ambition of my customers and contribute to their success »

Raynald Nolin

Reaching Raynald